Bleach: The Movie!! June 11th and 12th

First Death Note the movie in theaters near us, now Bleach! Even though you can see these movies online or on DVD, there’s nothing quite like the big screen with surround sound.

For more information click on the pic and check out the page:

Check it out!

The movie will be in movies for two nights only~ Island 16 in Holtsville is the only theater in our area that will show the movie.

Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody synopsis: After unidentified beings known as “Blanks” start popping up, they are soon followed by a Soul Reaper named Senna who makes them disappear. Puzzled by these unknown beings and the even more mysterious girl, Ichigo and Rukia set out to learn more, but uncover an evil plot when a menacing clan tries to kidnap Senna. Banished from the Soul Society long ago, the clan’s leader is sending the World of the Living and the Soul Society on a collision course, and Senna seems to be the key to his diabolical plot for revenge. Can Ichigo and his fellow Soul Reapers save the two worlds from annihilation?

This event is English dubbed.

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