New Titles Just In!

It’s Manga Mayhem in May! We got a lot of new titles in (Cantarella, Zatch Bell, Hot Gimmick, etc)– Check out the New Manga and Anime pages to see all the titles-

Don’t forget that you can place a hold from here by clicking on the title~

Manga of the Moment~

Hotel Africa by Hee Jung Park

This manga is a little different then some of MCPL’s other titles. It’s set in Utah and is about a boy named Elvis Spillane who is trying to break into the film industry, along with his friends Ed and July. The life of a twentysomething slacker has its ups and downs, but that’s nothing new to Elvis, whose unusual childhood was spent growing up in rural Utah, raised by his mother and grandmother in a bed-and-breakfast called Hotel Africa. While spending time with his friends, Elvis reflects on his childhood memories: the travelers who passed through the hotel, the ways they touched his life, and how he might have touched theirs. – For Older Teens 16+

This manga is well drawn and has an interesting story line. If you would like to try something different, check out this title.

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