Mushi-Shi Review

Mushi-Shi The Complete Set
mushi-shi-pic I just watched Mushi-Shi and I highly recommend it for people who like to watch anime that is more fantasy than action. The landscape animation is amazing and the stories are well done. It reminds me of Tales From the Darkside without the “darkside”. I could do without the voice over but the anime is still worth watching. Thumbs up!

Snapshots of the new anime :)

Ouran High School Host Clubghost-in-the-shell-2-



Oldies But Goodies

I am in the middle of going through some of the new titles for the GN collection and MCPL got some good titles!! Just a tidbit of the titles from the cart– Loveless, S.A., Vampire Knight– and for you anime lovers, we have Ouran High School Host Club Part 2, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and more!

I Heart Saturday Matinee!

I was looking for a certain anime and I went all over looking for it- in the rain no less (I was on a mission!!). And I tried Saturday Matinee in the mall and I was really surprised at how great their anime selection is- kudos to Saturday Matinee!!