There are age old questions and the ones on my mind right now are who is Domo and why do we love him? I did some investigating and found this on the Domo Nation website:

Domo, who hatched from an egg, has a gentle soul with a body of pure fluff. Domo just can’t stop watching television. Is this a problem? Perhaps it is if you’re already a sloppy creature whose daydreams often lead to disasters. Be careful not to disturb Domo as he sometimes farts when upset.

The answers are revealed!!!! You can become a citizen of the Domo Nation, the nation without sleazy politicians or huge potholes at their website BTW, Domo is the mascot of the Japanese national television broadcasting company.


What is Kendo?


Kendo, or ‘Way of the Sword’, is a Japanese fencing based on samurai two-handed sword fighting styles. In the 18th century protective equipment and a bamboo sword (a shinai) were introduced to reduce injuries. Skill in either kendo or judo is required of all police officers in Japan; a lower-level officer cannot be promoted without showing skill in one of these practices. Unlike some other martial arts, kendo does not use a system of colored belts to signify the ranking of the practioners.

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