One more thing….

So, this upcoming weekend, October 8th, 9th and 10th, is New York Comic Con. And Anime Festival all rolled into one! The NYCC has its panel and screening schedule online now. Check it out~ I am not sure if combining the two is going to work out but it’s definitely more affordable. In theory, it would seem like anime and comics would go hand in hand but they’re really two different genres. That’s like saying football fans and basketball fans have a lot in common because they’re both sports—NOT. Most people who are into anime don’t really get into DC/Marvel stuff and vice versa. Either way, it saves me money because I go to both 🙂

DC Comic bookmarks are here!

Wonder Woman and Batman are both in the YA area waiting for you!

We have Alex Ross illustrated Wonder Woman bookmarks and DC’s Batman bookmarks in the YA area in Centereach.  Check em out and grab one today.

BTW- How awesome is Wonder Woman?

We Were at ICON, Were You?

Hello People~ Just saying hi and letting everyone know that new items are on the way in. Patience is key!

Also, hoped you guys made it to ICON at Brentwood SCC this year. I was at a table supporting library services for the fantasy/sci fi/ manga/anime/GN reader. It was a blast~ If anyone went and have pics, please send em it to me so I can post them 🙂

Oldies But Goodies

I am in the middle of going through some of the new titles for the GN collection and MCPL got some good titles!! Just a tidbit of the titles from the cart– Loveless, S.A., Vampire Knight– and for you anime lovers, we have Ouran High School Host Club Part 2, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, and more!

And there’s more~

I uploaded all the new manga titles in on the February-New Release page. I will be rounding up the anime next!

Also- this Wednesday is the next Otaku Unite meeting at Selden. For more information, click HERE~

Coming up– Free Comic Book Day at the library and DIY Cosplay!!

New York Comic Con

This weekend is the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center in NYC. I went today and it was a blast. Not as much anime and manga as last year though- I think they are trying to keep that separate for the New York Anime Con they started. But it was a fun time~ One new thing I noticed is that all the big comic companies have this nifty thing where you can go and get your picture taken against a green screen so it looks like your with the latest DC/Marvel heroes.  🙂

Whoa Nelly!

Check out the January 20, 2009- New Manga and Anime page and see all the new titles we just got in 🙂

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