March 2008-Manga

InuYasha, Volume 7

Inu-Yasha’s half-brother, the demon Sessho-Maru, has returned with vengeance on his mind and new, stronger powers. Will Inu-Yasha be able to defeat his stronger sibling again? It doesn’t help that the demon Naraku is on a rampage.

Naruto: v. 28

Naruto returns! It’s been two years since Naruto left to train with Jiraiya. Now he reunites with his old friends to find out he’s still not the most accomplished of his former teammates. But when one of them is kidnapped, it’s up to Naruto to prove he’s got the stuff to save him!

Flame of Recca 26 by Nobuyuki Anzai

Gaoh is back–and he’s angry! The stone-cold warrior with a secret sweet tooth is determined to destroy anyone who gets in the way of his revenge on Domon. When Gaoh conjures up a rock monster the size of a mountain, will Kaoru be squashed flat under its granite feet? Or will Gaoh’s hunger for vengeance turn out to be weaker than his hunger for sweet, sweet chocolate? Either way, Recca and his friends are running out of time, as Yanagi’s last remaining memories of Recca are about to be wiped away!

The Queen’s Knight 8 by Kim Kang Won

The mystery behind Phantasma’s long history of eternal spring, determined by the power of the Queen’s love, begins to unravel–with Hemel’s shocking explanation of the background behind Reino’s birth! Through this, Phantasma and Yuna learn that one must be sacrificed at the expense of the other. As Reino’s transformation as the Lord of Darkness nears, what will happen in this tragic tale?

The Queen’s Knight 9 by Kim Kang Won

As the veil of Queen Freyjaâ’s curse upon Phantasma is slowly lifted, Ehren discovers that all he believed to be true regarding the eternal spring may have been fabricated and that the truth may have painful implications for Yuna. Meanwhile, Yuna experiences unusual changes and no one knows who or what is causing this condition, but as time passes, all signs seem to point to Reino.

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