July 2008- Manga

The Naruto Saga: The Unofficial Guide– Centereach and Selden

“The Naruto Saga” answers many questions that this complex and endlessly fascinating story has raised. Come enter the Hidden Leaf Village and uncover the many secrets of good an evil, never before told, about Naruto and his quest to become the Hokage — the number one Ninja! – All Ages

Ouran High School Host Club– Volume 1-10- Centereach and Selden

In this sharp-witted romantic comedy about the clash of the classes (of all kinds), a poor girl at a rich kids’ school ends up working at the school’s toniest club, and gets mistaken for a boy!

One day, Haruhi, a scholarship student at exclusive Ouran High School, breaks an $80,000 vase that belongs to the “Host Club,” a mysterious campus group consisting of six super-rich (and gorgeous) guys. To pay back the damages, she is forced to work for the club, and it’s there that she discovers just how wealthy the boys are and how different they are from everybody else. – For Teens

Vampire Hunter D – Centereach and Selden

The people of the village of Tepes once cowered in fear beneath the shadow of the Nobility manor. But the Nobility moved on, and the castle sat empty, a place whispered of in ghost stories to caution young children to stay away. One day four of the village children vanished. Only three returned, with no memory of what happened or where they went… – Older Teens 16+

Star Wars Clone Wars 1- Centereach and Selden

The Defense of Kamino and other tales / The Clone Wars… a time when Jedi Knights must become generals… or spies… a time when a clone army becomes the final hope for an embattled Republic… and a time when the leader of the Jedi must lay his life on the line to prevent a rift in the ranks from destroying the ancient Order! – For Teens

Star Wars Clone Wars volume 2 – Centereach and Selden

From one of the swamp moons of Naboo, to the war-torn cityscapes of Brentaal IV, the battles of the Clone Wars have thrown the galaxy into turmoil. New Separatist threats, ranging from deadly biological weapons, to dark Jedi, to unkillable alien bounty hunters, have the loyalist Jedi and their clone troops pushed to their limits. This graphic novel collection contains three separate, yet linked stories of heroism and sacrifice set during the time between Episode II and Episode III! – For Teens

Star Wars Clone Wars volume 3 – Centereach and Selden

General Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker find themselves in command of a regiment of Clone Troopers on the muddy battlefields of the rain world of Jabiim. With their supply lines stretched thin and reinforcements unable to land due to the perpetual storms, the Jedi and their army have become easy targets for the rebel Alto Stratus and his elite Nimbus warriors. The situation goes from bad to worse when General Kenobi is listed missing in action, and Anakin is teamed with a group of other masterless young Jedi on a doomed mission to hold the last line in the Republic’s defense! – For Teens

Star Wars Clone Wars volume 4– Centereach and Selden

The Jedi are taught to use the Force for good; to avail themselves only to the light side. But the dark side can be a dangerous temptation to even the strongest Jedi. Set against the backdrop of the Clone Wars, this novel-length adventure is filled with espionage, betrayal, and amazing lightsaber battles. It all begins with a dangerous undercover assignment that leads to… well, we dare not reveal the shocking ending! A story that is sure to have Star Wars fans talking – and wondering whether the fate of the Jedi lies in the light, or the dark. – For Teens

Star Wars Clone Wars volume 5 – Centereach and Selden

The darkest days of the Clone Wars have arrived, when even victories are cause for abiding sorrow; when the hopes for a brighter future are lost in the turmoil of a divided galaxy; and when friendships are tools of convenience and the reason for betrayals. From political intrigue within the Senate to bloody battlefields on exotic worlds, the war has left its mark on the bystanders as well as the combatants, and the events in this wide-ranging volume reveal the extent of the damage. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker battle for survival, Senator Bail Organa struggles to preserve freedom within the Republic, and Master Yoda strives to prevent an old friend from plunging a system into war in four exciting stories from the Clone Wars! – For Teens

Dogby Walks Alone 1 – Centereach and Selden

The world’s happiest theme park!But when chaos strikes Happyplace, park mascot Dogby, along with his loyal sidekick Snack Girl, must solve TWO crimes: A brazen daylight ARMED ASSAULT on Happyplace Theme Park and Resorts and — even more shocking — the mysterious MURDER of Princess, park ingenue and master of Dogby’s heart! DOGBY MARKS HIS TERRITORY! – For Teens 13+

Pop Gun War– Centereach and Selden

Set in New York, the stories follow characters with wings, talking fish, giants, dwarves and other fantastical acquaintances and ideas. At the center of it all is a boy named Sinclair, who acquires a set of wings when a tattooed, disgruntled angel pays to have them cut off. Sinclair, a lonely kid prone to bowties and being teased, sets off on a series of encounters across the city. His older sister, a singer in a rock band, is an inspiration and worry; a homeless man of unknown powers and origins joins him; and a band of youths pursue him. – Older Teens

Godchild 5 – Centereach

Cain crosses a high official of the secret society of DELILAH when he attempts to stop a massacre of socialites at the lushly restored Crimone Gardens. And later, an old nursery rhyme plays out to eerie perfection during a fateful carriage ride in the sinister “Solomon Grundy’s Sunday.” – Older Teens

Cardcaptor Sakura 6 – Centereach

The Final JudgementSakura has collected all of the Clow Cards, but her quest is not over yet. Unless she can pass the final trial, the cards will unleash a terrible curse. Yue, the Judge, doesn’t think she has what it takes to become master of the cards. With everything she’s ever held dear on the line, Sakura needs to give the performance of her lifetime. – All Ages

From Far Away 14 – Centereach

The End is here! The darkness that has pursued Noriko and her tortured warrior Izark descends full force as their corrupt enemies in the government stage a last coup. With Noriko bedridden, Izark must fight alone, but help may come from an unexpected source. Still, even if they survive, the prophecy can no longer be avoided. The time of the Sky Demon has come–and no one is ready for the final revelation. Will Noriko truly be the death of her first and only love? Find out all the answers and much more in the incredible conclusion to this epic manga. – For Teens

Samurai Champloo Volume 1 – Centereach

In a world filled with evil, three strangers meet and suddenly find themselves on the run from the law. A hardworking waitress, an arrogant mercenary, and a mysterious samurai form an uneasy alliance. They are searching for the enigmatic Sunflower Samurai, but along the way they come across a collection of deceptive and insidious characters: ninjas, assassins, and even a prince in disguise. – For Teens 13+

Fruits Basket 20 – Centereach & Selden

Kagura and Kazuma hotly discuss Tohru liking Kyo. With Kagura’s forceful encouragement, will Tohru be able to muster up the courage to tell Kyo how she feels? Meanwhile, Ren is determined to get her hands on Akito’s mystery box–even if it means killing for it! – For Teens 13+

From Far Away volume 12 – Centereach

On her way home from school one day, Noriko is unexpectedly plunged into a strange and extraordinary fantasy world. Her troubles compound exponentially when she is rescued and befriended by a handsome young man by the name of Izark. He may be brave and courageous, but inside Izark lurks the darkest evil imaginable. And according to an ancient prophecy, Noriko possesses the power to unleash that evil. Now, inexorably bound together, these two unlikely allies must navigate a world both wondrous and hostile. – For Teen

Eternals – Centereach

The Eternals, a super-race, are now scattered and forgetful of their powers and immortality, living mortal human lives of supreme normalcy (Sersi is a New York party girl, while Makkari believes himself to be Bellevue ER doc Mark Curry). Meanwhile their age-old enemies, the Deviants, stalk the earth with nefarious intentions, and at least one of the super-duper-race Celestials (who created both Deviants and Eternals eons ago) may be returning to Earth. The source of all this forgetfulness and strife appears to be the eternally 11-year-old Sprite, who desires to be allowed to age like an actual human. – For Teens

Soul to Seoul Volume 5- Centereach

The final volume of Soul to Seoul is here–and it’s packed with hot secrets! J.J. is still mourning the death of his foster father…so much so, that he decides to visit Korea–much to Gelda’s chagrin. Has she missed her chance to reveal her true feelings for J.J.? Meanwhile, Spike finally confesses his feelings of love to Sunil–and then tells Kai that he’s moving to the west coast. But what Kai tells him next will change all of their destinies forever! – For Teens age 13+

B.P.R.D. The Black Flame- Centereach

The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense faces its worst tragedy ever as the war against the plague of frogs reaches a devastating new level. Heralded by a bizarre villain from the B.P.R.D.’s past, an ancient monster-god marches across the American heartland portending an end to the reign of men, and leaving a permanent mark on the Bureau. – For Teens age 16+

In Odd We Trust- Centereach & Selden

Odd Thomas is a regular nineteen-year-old with an unusual gift: the ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead. To Odd, it’s not such a big deal. And most folks in sleepy Pico Mundo, California, are much more interested in the irresistible pancakes Odd whips up at the local diner. Still, communing with the dead can be useful. Because while some spirits only want a little company . . . others want justice. – For Older Teens

Yakitate!! Japan- Centereach

Kazuma Azuma is an enthusiastic, slightly gullible young baker who dreams of creating Ja-pan: a nationally recognized bread of Japan equal to the great breads of Germany, France and other countries. Aiding Kazuma in his baking quest are his legendary “Hands of the Sun,” exceptionally warm hands that speed the fermentation of yeast. For years Kazuma works to bake Ja-pan, mastering 56 different styles before traveling to Tokyo in hopes of furthering his studies at the famous bakery chain Pantasia. But before he is guaranteed employment at Pantasia, Kazuma must submit to a rigorous employment exam. He faces both the cunning Kyousuke Kawachi, who seeks to knock him out of the running, and Tsukino Azusagawa, a mysterious young woman with a vested interest in seeing him advance. The three soon find their lives are hopelessly intertwined, and together they struggle to make their marks in the world of dough. – For Older Teens

Galaxy Angel 4- Centereach

It’s the calm before the storm for the Angel Troupe. As they head toward Planet Lome, home of the anti-Eonia headquarters, the danger is growing. With Prince Shiva threatened, the Angel Troupe must focus on the mission at hand. Now if only Milfeulle can manage to think straight! So what if Ranpha and Takuto kiss? Why should it matter to her? For some reason, it keeps eating at her, but the enemy waits for no woman. Eonia and the Hell Hounds are on the move and the Elle Ciel is for the fight of its life! – For Teens age 13+

.hack//legend of twilight vol 1- Centereach & Selden

Old-fashioned role-playing games experience a renaissance on the World Wide Web. Twins Rena and Shugo are two middle school students who enter “The World” as level one game characters. When Shugo’s character dies he is transported to another level where he is entrusted to bear the Twilight Bracelet by the mysterious Aura. Shugo must find out who Aura is and why she gave him this powerful weapon to protect his sister from the peculiar characters in “The World.” – For Teens age 13+

.hack//legend of twilight vol 2-Centereach & Selden

Shugo and crew continue their journey and encounter the mysterious Aura. Although Aura gets in trouble with Kamui’s Knights in Never Mont. Through Kamui and Barmunk give Shugo and Rena a little background about the dangers in The World. As Shugo begins to understand how The World works, he learns that not even players like Kamui are harmless. – For Teens age 13+

Dragon Ball Z- misc. issues

Guys we are trying to get a complete series so we are ordering various titles that will hopefully stay around.

Dragon Ball Z volume 3

Here is the third volume of the runaway hit series printed in the original Japanese right-to-left format. Goku has grown up, and years of training have made him one of earth’s greatest warriors. But he and his friends face their biggest test ever when Saiyan invaders Nappa and Vegeta arrive to destroy the planet! – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 4

Here is the fourth volume of the runaway hit series printed in the original Japanese right-to-left format. As the cosmic battle between Goku and Vegeta continues, Goku is forced to use the dangerous Kaio-ken technique. But Vegeta reappears, changing himself into a 50-foot ape with superpowers, including energy strong enough to explode mountains. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 6

The latest entry in the popular series has Gohan intervening to save a Namek child from Freeza’s henchmen, putting himself and Kuririn in danger as they fend off Dodoria’s attack. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Freeza are in a stalemate, each having just a few of the Namekian Dragon Balls. But for the heroes, a choice between Vegeta and Freeza is just a choice between two ways to die. Can Namek be saved in the confusion? – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 7

The Great Elder of Namek grants Kuririn the One-Star Dragon Ball and the incredible power that goes with it. Meanwhile, Vegeta breaks free of Freeza’s spaceship and races across the planet in search of the same Dragon Ball, the one that will make him immortal. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 8

After killing Zarbon and Dodoria and nearly killing Goku, Vegeta thinks he’s the strongest in the universe. But Reacoom, the Ginyu Force’s indestructible muscleman, can stand up to anything Vegeta can dish out. Soon Gohan and Kuririn step in to save their old enemy. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 10

Here is the tenth volume of the runaway hit series printed in the original Japanese right-to-left format. As Freeza morphs into his third and fourth forms – each more powerful than the last – the desperate heroes Gohan, Kuririn, Piccolo, and the self-serving Vegeta find themselves at the brink of annihilation. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 14

With Goku almost dead from a virus, only Super Saiyan Vegeta has a chance against the world-destroying androids. But something even worse has come back from the future – something that leaves whole cities empty, eating 50,000 people at a time – something called . . . CELL. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 15

Cell – the bio-engineered monstrosity that eats whole cities to drain their citizens’ life force – has been reawakened. Piccolo challenges Cell while the Super Saiyans undergo extraordinary training in a room where one year passes for every day outside. Piccolo has only one chance: destroy androids #17 and #18 before Cell can merge with them, or no force on Earth will stand a chance. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 16

Cell has fused with android #17, becoming practically invincible–but not for long! Training in the Room of Spirit and Time, where a year passes for every day outside, Vegeta and Trunks have gone beyond the Super Saiyan, reaching a level of power even greater than second-stage Cell! Now Cell is the one who is outmatched–but Vegeta hates a boring fight. Succumbing to his pride, Vegeta agrees to help Cell fuse with android #18, the last element he needs to become “perfect,” so he can have the honor of defeating the strongest being in the world! – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 17

Now in his “Perfect Form,” Cell is stronger than any creature alive. Finding no competition on Earth, Cell invades a TV studio and gives the world an ultimatum: produce a fighter who can beat him, or he will methodically slaughter every living thing. – All Ages

Dragon Ball Z volume 19

After years of training and adventure, Son Goku has become the Super Saiyan, the world’s strongest martial artist, but the stakes are increasing as he and his friends must defend Earth against the deadliest villains in all time and space. – All Ages

Dragon Ball- misc. issues

We are updating our popular manga titles and filling in the missing volumes.

Dragon Ball 6

Goku, having rescued the mayor and obtained the second Dragon Ball, is welcomed back by the grateful citizens of Jingle Village. But getting the next Dragon Ball will be anything but easy with a broken Dragon Radar, the Red Ribbon Army, and an impenetrable jungle island in the South Seas. – For Teen

Dragon Ball 7

This installment finds Goku, Kuririn, and Bulma exploring a pirates’ cave, where they encounter a cutlass-swinging robot and a giant octopus. Still more threatening is Commander Blue, who is following them to steal the pirates’ Dragon Ball. – For Teen

Dragon Ball 8

After the setbacks Goku has dealt the Red Ribbon Army, Commander Red has hired Taopaipai, the world’s deadliest assassin, to kill Goku. To beat this powerful opponent, Goku must travel to the top of the miles-high Karin Tower to get a magic elixir that increases one’s strength tenfold. – For Teen

Dragon Ball 9

Goku is on a quest to locate the last of seven Dragon Balls needed to bring Upa’s murdered father back to life. He and his friends confront the All-Seeing Crone for help but must first defeat her five champion ghouls. – For Teen

Dragon Ball 10

It’s Crane versus Turtle in a martial arts battle like no other. After finding the seven Dragon Balls, Goku and his friends go their separate ways, promising to meet again at the “Strongest Under the Heavens” martial arts tournament. – For Teen

Naruto 30

Sakura takes her place at the front of the fight to save Naruto. With Granny Chiyo at her side, she must battle Sasori, who can create golems from the undead. But Granny Chiyo is a puppet master too — only it could be Sakura’s strings she’s pulling! – For Teen

I.N.V.U 4

When Hali “accidentally” meets Hajun and his date Sung Hee, she vows to break them up. Despairing at the sight of the man she loves with someone else, she confronts Hajun and wonders why he can’t return her feelings. Meanwhile, Siho and Sey’s date goes awry–which causes Siho to do something that will take everyone by surprise… The wait is over–years in the making, this next volume of I.N.V.U. is filled with drama, romance, and an unexpected sleepover! – For Teens Age 13+

Faeries’ Landing 14

Sino and Sindo have exchanged bodies, as well as roles in life. Sindo quietly accepts this fate and shoulders on, trying to forget about Oran and the life he had with her. Sino is obviously enjoying his time with Oran–but Oran is not fooled. Knowing that her husband is no longer the same person, she considers the unthinkable… For Teens Age 13+

Faeries’ Landing 15

As Oran prepares to take the children to Avalon, Sindo makes one last ditch effort to keep the family together. But Oran strikes a hard bargain—to accompany them, Sindo must sever his ties to earth. In other words, he must kill his brother, Sino. But before Sindo can make his decision, Fanta’s travel back into time comes to an abrupt end, and there is a new burning question within in her… For Teens Age 13+

Faeries’ Landing 16

Fanta and Ryang continue on with their plan to resolve the evil affinity within Jinyeong. As soon as Fanta discovers that Jinyeong’s old friend, Sangcheol, has feelings for Jinyeong, she comes up with a clever plan to get them together. Situation resolved! Or, is it?! It seems that Fanta is too focused on Jinyeong’s relationship to see what is happening to her life. – For Teens Age 13+

Faeries’ Landing 18

Oreadia leads Fanta to Gwimun prison, where Fanta’s father is supposedly being held. But as the two near the prison, Max and his newly formed crew accidentally blow it up! They manage to escape before Max arrests Oreadia, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t on their tail! Will they make it back to the kingdom in time? – For Teens Age 13+

Faeries’ Landing 19

Fanta escapes from the prohibitory spell and goes into the protective field with Oran and Sindo. Once inside she learns that as a result of absorbing Oreadia’s powers, Oreadia has disappeared, never again to return to the cycle of life. Angered by the loss of her mother, and her father’s lack of caring, Fanta is lost. But just as the tragic events seem like too much to handle, comfort comes in a surprising revelation…. – For Teens Age 13+

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