November 2008

Ghost Hunt Vol 1 and 2

The decrepit building was condemned long ago, but every time the owners try to tear it down, “accidents” start to happen–people get hurt, sometimes even killed. Mai Taniyama and her classmates have heard the rumors that the creepy old high school is haunted–possibly by ghosts from the Second World War. So one rainy day they gather at the told school to tell ghost stories, hoping to attract one of the suspected spirits.

No ghosts materialize, but Mai and her friends do meet Kazuya Shibuya, the handsome young owner of Shibuya Psychic Research, who’s been hired to investigate paranormal activity at the school. Also at the scene are an exorcist, a Buddhist monk, a woman who can speak with the dead, and an outspoken Shinto priestess. Surely one of them will have the talents to solve this mystery. . . . – Teens 13+

Royal Palace Goong Vol 3

Following her wedding of the century to the crown prince, Chae-Kyung begins her life as a full-blown princess. But life behind the walls of the palace proves lonely and difficult because Prince Shin keeps his distance. Will a visit home cheer Chae-Kyung up? And what happens when she goes back to school? Will her friends treat her any differently? – For Teens

Prince of Persia The Graphic Novel

In ninth- and thirteenth-century Persia, two princes despair over the corruption in their worlds, and as everything they believe in begins to fade, the princes find that only they can stand against the twilight of their eras. – For Teens

Justice League of America The Lightning Saga

When members of the Legion of Super-heroes of the 31st century mysteriously start showing up in the present, it will take the combined might of the Justice League- Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Earth’s greatest heroes- and the Justice Society- the very first super-team, and inspiration to all heroes- to track down the Legionnaires and help them complete their mission. For Teens

Angel: After The Fall Vol 1

In Angel’s final television season, his world ended… but his story didn’t. Picking up where Season Five of the fan-favorite TV show left off, this first collection looks at who lived and died after the climactic battle. Why did the team go their separate ways? How did Connor rise up to become one of Hell’s greatest champions. Find of what really happened on the night L.A. went straight to hell. – For Older Teens

Angel: After the Fall: First Night Vol 2

First Night begins! What happened on the very night Los Angeles went straight to hell, the incident that ended the Angel television series with such a shocking cliffhanger? Why did the team go their separate ways? And how did Connor rise up to become one of Hell’s greatest champions? – For Older Teens

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who ages in reverse: He is born a feeble 70-year-old and becomes younger as the years progress. This faithful graphic-novel adaptation chronicles Benjamin Button’s many adventures: He falls in love with a woman who ages normally (this causes complications), starts a family, and establishes a successful business. In his later years, he attends Harvard as a student and plays on their football team. By the time he is an old man, Benjamin Button resembles a newborn baby. And then he remembered nothing.Through the noons and nights he breathed and over him there were soft mumblings and murmurings that he scarcely heard, and faintly differentiated smells, and light and darkness. – All Ages

Fruits Basket Vol 21

Kyo finishes telling Tohru about his role in her mother’s death and how the reason he disappeared for so long was that he felt so guilty about it. He explains that he overcame his guilt by blaming everything on Yuki, but he realizes he was only running away from his own feelings. But how will he react when Tohru says that she still loves him? – Teens 13+

Chibi Vampire Volume 7-9

With Kenta discovering the true reason behind Karin’s increase in blood when around him, their relationship shatters. Both sides struggle to deal with the thought of losing the one they love. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? And what secrets in the past explain Kenta’s hatred of his father? Will the two of them finally make up and bring happiness to the whole family? – Older Teens 16+

xxxHOLiC, Vol 12

Lately Kimihiro Watanuki’s dreams have been pleasant escapes that have given him the chance to talk to his new friend Haruki Dômeki. But now he’s falling asleep a lot–and starting to think that his entire life with the witch Yûko might be taking place in some kind of dreamworld. Then one night his dream is visited by a pretty princess named Sakura. . . . – For Teens 13+

Emma: A Victorian Romance Season 1

About EMMA: A VICTORIAN ROMANCE Season 1: In 19th-century London, class lines are sharply drawn, and the social standing to which one is born dictates the path his or her life will likely follow. But when Emma, an honest and hardworking young maid, and William, an earnest member of the gentry, fall for each other… Can love truly conquer all? Contains the complete 12-episode first season. – All Ages

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Vol 1

On August 10th of the year 2010 the Holy Empire of Britannia began a campaign of conquest, its sights set on Japan. Operations were completed in one month thanks to Britannias deployment of new mobile humanoid armor vehicles dubbed Knightmare Frames. Japans rights and identity were stripped away, the once proud nation now referred to as Area 11. Its citizens, Elevens, are forced to scratch out a living while the Britannian aristocracy lives comfortably within their settlements. Pockets of resistance appear throughout Area 11, working towards independence for Japan. Lelouch, an exiled Imperial Prince of Britannia posing as a student, finds himself in the heart of the ongoing conflict for the island nation. Through a chance meeting with a mysterious girl named C.C., Lelouch gains his Geass, the power of the king. Now endowed with absolute dominance over any person, Lelouch may finally realize his goal of bringing down Britannia from within! – Ages 13+

Death Note the Movie

The first live-action feature based on the manga Death Note covers much of the same material as the first 12 episodes of the animated series. Handsome Light Yagami has just passed the bar exam, but he’s repelled by the injustice of modern society. His life changes dramatically when he finds a Death Note, a notebook dropped into human space by Ryuk, a Shinigami (god of death). – For Older Teens

Naruto the Bond of Shinobi Vol 25

Naruto and Jiraiya head home with Tsunade and Shizune in tow, and the four stop at a hot spring resort for a little relaxation and an unexpected adventure. But at home again in Hidden Leaf Village, it’s back to business. Tsunade’s first task: heal the injured ninja. The others are successfully revived, but Tsunade has bad news for Rock Lee. While the village cheerfully prepares for Tsunade’s inauguration as Fifth Hokage, Rock Lee must ponder the possibility that he will never fulfill his ninja dreams. – For Teens

Naruto the Race is On! Vol 26

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are on the ultimate mission: discover what Kakashi looks like behind his mask! Then, Tsunade sends Squad Seven to the Land of Tea and the village of Degarashi, where every four years two rival families hold a race to decide who will rule the village for the next four years. Jirocho, who represents the Wasabi family, asks the teammates to protect their runner, Idate. But the task proves difficult when Idate, who has nothing but contempt for ninja, takes off running the wrong way! – For Teens

Death Note Vol 6

The Yotsuba Group enlists an investigator to uncover L’s identity, while Misa, who’s been hired as their spokesperson, does some investigating of her own. When she discovers the identity of the owner of the Death Note, it’s a race between the killer and the task force–who will catch up to the other first? Time is of the essence, especially when the new Kira makes the trade for the Shinigami Eyes! – For Older Teens

Naruto Uncut Box Set 5

The Chunin Exams enter their final round as the popular fantasy-adventure Naruto continues. The arrival of Jiraiya, the lecherous arch-ninja known as The Sage of Toad-Mountain interrupts Naruto’s intensive training regimen. Jiraiya wants to ogle the local girls, but Naruto wheedles and fusses until the Sage agrees to teach him the powerful jutsu used to summon a monster toad. His first efforts are unimpressive: All he can conjure is a tadpole. But Jiraiya’s instruction enables Naruto to tap into the extraordinary spiritual power of the Nine-Tailed Fox Demon imprisoned within his body. Drawing on this energy, Naruto defeats Neiji, avenging his cruel treatment of the gentle Hinata. But more serious matters overshadow Naruto’s match: Sasuke vanishes from the hospital and everyone fears Orochimaru may be involved. Or is Sasuke’s disappearance linked to a plot by the leaders of the Sand and Wind Villages to break the peace treaty among ninja and destroy the Hidden Leaf Village? At the center of this intrigue is the highly anticipated face-off between Sasuke and Gaara, the murderous psychotic who fights with enchanted sand. Sasuke arrives just as the match is slated to begin, and the collection ends on a cliff-hanger. – For Teens

Naruto Uncut Box Set 6

Sasuke returns at last to face Gaara in the final round of the Chunin Exam with his powerful new jutsu, Chidori. But the match is interrupted when Orochimaru’s scheme to bring down the Hidden Leaf Village is put into motion. While the Third Hokage faces his former protégé Orochimaru and his dreadful forbidden jutsu, Sasuke takes off after Gaara and the Sand ninja, and Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru take off after Sasuke! Will the ninja of the Hidden Leaf survive the evil that has befallen them? – For Teens

Naruto Uncut Box Set 7

The destruction of the Village Hidden in the Leaves has been averted, but at great cost. While the village mourns, a new menace arrives in the form of Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke’s mysterious elder brother and sworn foe, but it’s not Sasuke he’s interested in! Meanwhile Jiraiya lures Naruto away on a training journey by promising to teach him the Fourth Hokage’s own original jutsu. While Naruto practices, Jiraiya searches for the Fifth Hokage candidate Tsunade, one of the legendary Sannin. But another of the Sannin is looking for Tsunade as well, for a much more sinister purpose–Orochimaru! – For Teens

Naruto Uncut Box Set 8

Naruto and Jiraiya’s journey climaxes in all-out war with Orochimaru and his skilled right-hand man, Kabuto. Naruto must perfect the Rasengan in time to save the future Hokage, but when Naruto himself needs saving, Tsunade must overcome her fear and join Jiraiya in beating down Orochimaru. The legendary Sannin engage in the ultimate Summoning battle, with their lives and the Leaf Village’s future on the line. Will Naruto succeed in bringing back the Fifth Hokage and her supreme medical skill to heal the Village Hidden in the Leaves? – For Teens

Naruto Uncut Box Set 9

Naruto returns to the Hidden Leaf Village to find Sasuke, frustrated with Naruto’s sudden growth, thirsting to fight to decide who’s the better ninja once and for all. Kakashi stops the fight before the worst can happen, but soon Orochimaru’s henchmen arrive in the village to lure Sasuke to Orochimaru with the promise of greater power, a promise Sasuke can’t refuse. In order to retrieve Sasuke, newly appointed chunin Shikamaru forms a squad of genin, including Naruto, to pursue the terrifying Sound Ninja Four. Will they catch up before Orochimaru gets his hands on Sasuke? Let the chase begin! – For Teens

Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 1

COUNTDOWN follows up the events of bestsellers INFINITE CRISIS and 52 and leads into DC’s next major event, FINAL CRISIS. When a surprising character dies in chapter one, it sets off an unexpected ripple that will touch virtually every character in the DC Universe and change the status quo forever. – For Teens

The Queens Knight Vol 10

Phantasma’s dire situation has brought out a change in Ehren Hwerusute. The once warm and loving person has been replaced by someone consumed by rationale and logic, whose sole goal is to save Phantasma from its long-time curse. But his drive prevents him from seeing that the one thing he needs to help the kingdom, the very principal upon which the kingdom is built, is love. Meanwhile, Libera has her own problems when she learns firsthand about the pain love can bring, especially if it’s for someone unexpected! And Reino proves he isn’t invincible to love either as he confesses his feelings to an unrequited love… – For Teens 13+

Emiko Superstar

Teenaged Emiko finds herself at a crossroads in defining her own identity. Her friends, once geeks, now concentrate solely on finance, leaving Emiko to discern who she wants to be without the comfort of a group. When she learns about a performance-art group called “The Freak Show,” she feels immediately drawn to and intrigued by this counter-culture assemblage. Finding her confidence, she auditions a piece and is accepted-although she has stolen the material for her piece, and is consequently riddled with shame. – For Teens

Transformers Cybertron – The Ultimate Collection

Optimus Prime and the Autobots face the greatest danger in all eternity a menace that threatens not only the survival of the Transformers but the very existence of CYBERTRON and the universe itself. CYBERTRON the TRANSFORMERS home planet is on the brink of destruction as an ominous Black Hole looms. In order to save their world the TRANSFORMERS embark upon an intergalactic scavenger hunt across the universe searching for the lost Cyber Planet Keys. The evil DECEPTICONS villains unlike any you have seen before are in a race against the Heroic AUTOBOTS to recover these lost Cyber Planet Keys – keys that have the power to unlock the CYBERTRON planet itself creating the greatest TRANSFORMER the universe has ever seen! The battle will span the galaxy in a race to wield the all powerful Planet Keys and to save their home world of CYBERTRON from certain DOOM!! – All Ages

Black Cat: Box Set

Sven is your run-of-the-mill sweeper (a.k.a. bounty hunter) – down on his luck, haunted by the perpetual grumbling of his stomach and looking to make enough cash just to get by. When a damsel in distress enlists his aid, Sven crosses paths with the worst possible luck – Black Cat (a.k.a. Train Heartnet). At odds now with the branded assassin, Sven seeks to save a young girl before the unlucky Number can carry out his mission.

But fate has brought these three together for a reason, as Sven adopts two stray pupils – The former Chronos eraser Train and the young bio-weapon Eve. As these newfound companions seek out a new way of life, the past proves unwilling to let them go free. Sought by both the Chronos Numbers and the Taoist revolutionary group risen against them, the Apostles of the Star, their happy ending will require more than just luck… – Teens 13+

Lenore, The Cute Little Dead Girl: Cooties!

Take a trip into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl with a knack for (often) unintentional mayhem in this third installment of a goth-tinged new series! Lenore might only be small, but she has talent for mischief and occasional wanton destruction. Witness the mayhem that ensues when Lenore and friends are attacked by a gaggle of vicious militant mice, and cower in the face of an assault by undead German soldiers from Hell! Never has the term ‘something for everyone’ seemed more sinister and bizarre. “Lenore” is one of the funniest, darkest, cutest, creepiest characters on the marketplace today. – For Teens

Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 11

With the host club members on opposite sides, the sports festival at Ouran High School has become an all-out war! Can the bonds of friendship withstand the strain of competition? – For Teens

Bad Kitty, Volume 1: Catnipped

All Jas wants to do today is hang out with her pals (and her superfantastico boyfriend, but, shh, don’t tell the Thwarter, aka her dad, who’s trying to keep her under permanent lockdown). Simple. Straightforward. But catastrophe is lurking. First Jas stumbles upon a schoolmate’s lost purse. Then there’s the jewelry store heist, the wrongly accused man, the clueless cops, the seven words that destroy her relationship, and . . . well, before she knows it, Jas has got a lot more than brunch on her plate.

Now it’s up to her and her mega-cool crew, Roxy, Polly, and Tom, to catch the thief. It won’t be easy—not with Jas’s cousin Alyson and her Evil Hench Twin Veronique tagging along for the ride and having to elude the Thwarter with his All-Seeing Eye. Oh, and her heart breaking into a million tiny pieces. – For Teens

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