October 2008

Tactics Volume 1-7

Meet Kantarou, a folklore scholar living in the Taisho period. Ever since he was a child, he has been able to see and talk to various spirits. But now that Kantarou’s all grown up, he moonlights as an exorcist solving the problems of ghosts and demons…all with the help of Haruka, the legendary demon-eating tengu!Throw in some supernatural elements, a bit of Japanese mythology, and plenty of pretty boys…and you guessed it–the manga that influenced the popular anime begins right here! – Teens 13+

Skip Beat Volume 7

All Kyoko’s dreams are coming true! She’s got a best friend (okay, so Moko still needs to come to terms with their bosom-buddyhood, but she’s learning). She’s finally going to high school (so what if a mean girl is picking on her–Kyoko knows how to deal with bullies). And she’s landed a spot in Sho’s new video (Yes! Revenge! Bwa ha ha ha!). Life doesn’t get any better than this. – For Teens

Inubaka Volume 3-6

Could Suguri’s Lupin really share a psychic bond with the pet store manager?! Suguri gets a second job at night, and her work performance at the pet store starts to suffer due to her lack of sleep. Then she and her coworker Chizuru come across a shady pet shop with a lot of sick dogs, and they’re determined to find out what’s going on! – For Teens

Janes in Love

The second volume of the critically acclaimed series finds a group of high school girls each named Jane, who are anything but ordinary, playing cupid. Plus P.L.A.I.N. (People Loving Art In Neighborhoods) goes global once the girl gang procures a spot in Metro City Museum of Modern Art contest. – For Older Teens

Yonen Buzz: Plastic Chew

Meet Plastic Chew, an up-and-coming rock band, desperately in need of a lead singer. Enter Sayuri, a young musician with dreams of rock stardom and a vocal style perfectly suited for PC’s sound. Problem is, she’s a girl and according to the group’s credo–the band that plays together, stays together–living in the same house! Jun, the introverted lead guitarist, isn’t at all comfortable with this situation, especially when he finds out Sayuri is a runaway! With a big rock competition fast approaching, will Plastic Chew catch its big break, or break up? – Teens 13+


When Danni and her mom move in with her mom’s alcoholic boyfriend, Danni develops a fierce crush on Haskell, her soon-to-be stepbrother, who’s a hardcore environmentalist. Desperate and confused, Danni wrestles with what she’s willing to sacrifice as she confronts first love, family secrets and the politics of ecoterrorism set against the lush backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. – For Teens

Cheeky Angel 6-19

We are completing the series, make sure to reserve your volume today!

Megumi, a nine-year-old martial arts enthusiast and all around rapscallion, always wanted to be “the manliest man on earth.” After saving a sorcerer from a group of local thugs, Megumi is presented with a magic genie, which can grant any wish. Unfortunately, this genie is slightly hard of hearing, and misconstrues Megumi’s original desire as wanting to become the “womanliest woman on earth” and in a flash, Megumi’s Y chromosome is swapped for an X! Six years later… Megumi is the hottest girl in school, but has stayed true to his/her tough talkin’, punk stompin’ ways!! – For Older Teens

Detective Jermain

Jermain, the sixteen-year-old daughter of famous detective parents, can’t stop playing detective herself and nosing into other people’s business. When she realizes that some of the students and teachers at school are acting very strange, she has to solve the mystery! Jermaine’s friends Andy, a shy but cute computer geek, and Travis, a popular heartbreaker, are her partners in detection—and they both have feelings for her. Between the dangers at school and this unexpected love triangle, what will Jermain do? – For Teens

Goong, Vol. 2: The Royal Palace

Finally, it is the day of the royal marriage! Whether she likes it or not, Che-Kyung is now officially a member of the royal family. But deep inside, all she wants is to go back to her normal life, when she could hang out with her friends and go home to her real family. It might be easier if she could really hate her husband, but with all his rudeness, he is just too sexy not to look at! – For Teens

Hotel Africa Vol 2

Alone, in the middle of the Utah desert, lies the Hotel Africa. Anything is possible here. A world of joy, heartache, and friendship has traveled through its doors. Tales of love, irony, redemption are in store when you check in a second time to Hotel Africa. – For Older Teens

S.A. Vol 1-5

Her whole life, Hikari Hanazono has been consumed with the desire to win against her school rival, Kei Takishima–at anything. He always comes out on top no matter what he does, and Hikari is determined to do whatever it takes to beat this guy…somehow!At age 6 Hikari lost to Kei in an impromptu wrestling match. Now, at 15, Hikari joins “Special A,” a group of the top seven students at a private academy, for the opportunity to trounce the guy who made her suffer her first defeat. – For Teens

Kitchen Princess 8

Najika’s world is falling apart. Lavender House, the orphanage where she grew up, is being shut down, and there’s only one way she can save it. When Najika is challenged to a High Tea cook-off against Seiya, her nemesis, the scheming director of Seika Academy makes Najika an offer: lose the contest on purpose, and he’ll save Lavender House from ruin. Will Najika throw the fight–or will her true self shine through? – Teens 13+

Musashi #9 Vol 5-7

This intriguing series follows an androgynous and lethal 16-year-old girl with the code name Musashi #9, an agent for the ultra-secret organization Ultimate Blue. The UB is also known as “the other United Nations” and has positioned itself above international law in the fight to maintain order against terrorists, extremists, kidnappers and others whose activities threaten to lead to world chaos. The UB swiftly confronts these threats, sending out merciless, coldly efficient agents whose existence is shrouded in shadow and rumor; among them, no agent is as feared as Musashi #9. This first book in the series recounts four of Musashi #9’s missions, focusing on the predicaments of those Musashi #9 is sent to protect, the nail-biting suspense that comes as the situations escalate and Musashi #9’s entry into the game disguised as a stylish young man. Once she has her targets in sight, she easily overcomes her antagonists – For Older Teens

Fairytail Vol 4

S-Class quests are so dangerous that one false move means certain death! Now loose cannon Natsu, rookie Lucy, and nearly powerless Happy have embarked on a stolen S-Class quest, setting out for the Demon Island. Can anyone stop them before they get themselves killed? – Teens 13+

Zatch Bell Vol 21

Zatch, Kiyo, Parco Folgore and Kanchom – continue their heated battle with the cigar-chomping mamodo Keith, and things aren’t looking pretty. Keith has vowed to finish the fight before his stogie is done, and now Kanchom – ‘s only hope for survival rests on a new spell that has the potential to literally multiply his power. But will this new ability simply create a host of cowardly Kanchom – s, or will this timid mamodo finally find the courage to stand up to his rivals? – For Teens

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