April 2008-Anime

.hack//Roots, Vol. 1

It was the year 2015 and for millions of gamers it was the year ‘The World’ came to an end. Caught within a mysterious fire, all the data centers containing the worlds most popular game was destroyed, taking with it all the information about the game. Taking elements from what was to be a different game, ‘The World’ is reborn as ‘The World R:2’. However as millions of players, both new and old flood the servers, they soon discover that this new version isn’t as forgiving as it’s previous incarnation. Being one of these new players, Haseo finds himself not only the target of countless Player Killers, but of two rivaling guilds, who hope to use him in pursuit of their own agendas.

.hack//Roots, Vol. 2

The Twilight Brigade continues its search for the Virus Cores, a mysterious item not included in the official game specs. They believe they need to collect them before they can find out the coveted Key of the Twilight. Meanwhile their rival Guild, TaN, bears down on them harder using their secret service led by a dangerous player Killer Ender. Haseo comes up with a clue on how to use the Virus Cores in one of the Lost Grounds. As their leader Ovan decides to take action, even Gord and Bset, who left the guild in disappointment, join them again and fight against the enemy warriors. Little do they know, however, that Naobi, the TaN’s mastermind, is intriguing to set them up in a trap so that he can achieve his own sinister goal.

.hack//Roots, Vol. 3

TaN is no more Ovan is missing and the Twilight Brigade is in disarray. As a result of their illegal activities TaN has been forced to disband the leaders of the guild prohibited from accessing the game. However the mysterious disappearance of Ovan has left little time for the Twilight Brigade to rejoice. And as rumor concerning his possible location and motives spread dissent through the ranks the Brigade finds itself facing its final days together.Yet as turmoil brews amongst the members of the Twilight Brigade Ovan lies trapped in suspended animation; his fate in the hands of Yata and Pi the reincarnation of the former TaN leaders. Meanwhile the bizarre appearance of the player Tri-Edge will shatter the lives of Haseo and everyone else in The World.

.hack//Roots, Vol. 5

Enraged and drunk on the terrible strength gained from the Forest of Pain event, Haseo embarks on a ruthless search for information concerning the whereabouts of Tri-Edge. His brutal inquisition leaves a trail of killed Player Characters in its wake. Saddened by this, Tabby is inspired to create a guild dedicated to healing Haseo and his victims. With the help of Tabby’s newfound friends and Tohta, the new PC body of TaN s Tawaraya the Paw Pad Squadron is born. Meanwhile the mysterious Pi and Master Yata watch events unfold with intense interest hoping to witness the awakening of Haseo s special power. When Haseo s search leads him to fight Midori a player character who s expert fighting abilities allow her to run a profitable hit me if you can business and who has survived a battle with Tri-Edge himself they are sure that it will be enough.

.Hack//Roots, Vol. 6

Haseo in his monstrous new form, christened the Terror of Death, defends against simultaneous attacks from scores of vengeful Player Killers. Tabby in her desire to help her resistant friend through these frantic battles begins to lose members of her newly formed Paw Pad Squadron. Ovan returns to The World leading Haseo into his long awaited confrontation with the invincible killer dubbed Tri-Edge. As the two face off in heated combat, Pi Yata and the freshly enlisted Kuhn attempt to keep an eye on Haseo while exploring a dark new phenomenon the cancerous bubbling data anomalies known only as AIDA.

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