January 2009

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Vol 1

Only one name strikes fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere: Phoenix Wright, ace attorney. Join Phoenix Wright and his adorable assistant Maya–plus Miles Edgeworth, Detective Gumshoe, Franziska von Karma, and others–as they investigate twenty intriguing cases. And find out why Phoenix Wright has devoted his life to fighting injustice! – For Teens 13+

Vampire Doll 5

With trouble once again brewing at Tonae’s school, it’s up to Guilt-na to again go undercover and solve the mystery. But who is the devilish god of death who has appeared at Mitsuhachi Academy to hunt down the souls? And what business does he have with Guilt-na Zan? – For Teens 13+.

Ghost Hunt Vol 3 & Vol 4


The psychic investigators are going back to school–only this time to solve a baffling mystery. Every student who sits at one particular desk is suddenly caught in a train door and dragged away to who knows where. As if classes weren’t hard enough! And when Naru and Mai find themselves stalked by their own evil spirits, the case becomes even more bizarre. – For Teens 13+.


After a schoolboy’s suicide, the team at Shibuya Psychic Research must unravel mysteries at a local high school. As fires break out in an empty office and a stinky smell sickens an entire classroom, the ghost hunters’ job will take both courage and a strong stomach. – For Teens 13+.

Paradise Kiss Vol 4 & Vol 5

The school fashion show is finally here, and it’s a last-minute fight to the finish to get the awesome ensemble ready on time. The drama escalates when a stressed-out Yukari literally passes out from exhaustion in George’s car. No one knows if she’ll recover in time to model for the show. Meanwhile, a mysterious female friend from George’s past shows up to support him on the big day. Are they just friends…or something more? Yukari’s not sure who she can trust. All she’s 100 per cent sure about is that she wants the Paradise Kiss posse to take first place at the fashion show, no matter what it takes. Will they reign victorious or be forced – Older Teens 16+

After their first Paradise Kiss runway show, catcalls to the catwalk make the crew think twice about continuing their fashion careers after graduation. Meanwhile, Yukari’s college vs. modeling dilemma brings her relationship with George to a crossroads that will change their lives forever. Will this be the end of Paradise Kiss? – Older Teens 16+

Escape From Special

Melissa grows up in a family of hippies who briefly send her to a experimental education school. She goes out on the road with a band her father’s working with; she visits her racist grandfather; she’s sent to a child psychologist and very quickly learns not only how to outsmart him but how to use psychological tactics with people who bully her. Having worked her way up from being ostracized because she’s in the “special studies” group to being ostracized because she’s in her middle school class’s highest reading group, she concludes that ” ‘special’ is just a nice way of saying retarded or stupid or weird.” – For Teens 16+

Sensual Phrase Vol 16

Hell hath no fury like a rock god scorned, and Sakuya is prepared to exact bloody revenge on Kaito Yoshioka, the man who assaulted Aine in an attempt to destroy Lucifer’s success. Barging into Yoshioka’s office with dagger in hand, Sakuya’s attempt at skewering the slimy media mogul is momentarily interrupted when Ralph Grazer, Sakuya’s half-brother, shows up with some government goons in tow. Will Grazer’s last-minute intervention prevent a bloodthirsty Sakuya from committing a rock’n’roll homicide? – For Mature

Sensual Phrase Vol 18

Lucifer returns triumphant to Japan after a chart-topping trip to America, but now Sakuya has to face what might be the toughest audience of his life–Aine’s family. Rocking out onstage to a capacity crowd is one thing; convincing the buttoned-down parents of your blushing bride that your intentions are true is another. For Sakuya, Aine, and the rest of Lucifer, the music biz has been one life-or-death struggle after another, but how will they close this tale of sex, music, and all things shojo? And what could they possibly do for an encore? – For Mature

Scryed Vol 4

The inner workings of the HOLY organization and the mysterious roots of the Alters come to light when Kazuma encounters the Alter Master Senin. Meanwhile, the SUPER HOLY officers, Mary Jane, Taiki and T.T., all under the command of Martin Zigmar, attempt to destroy Kazuma and his clan. Armed with Scryed, however, Kazuma may be a one-man army. – For Teens 16+

Princess Ai -The Prism of Midnight Dawn- Volume 1


When the Prism of Midnight Dawn is stolen from Ai-Land, Ai returns to Earth to retrieve it. But when she gets there, she discovers that Kent is not the man she remembers, and that a new drug has taken her place. – For Teens 16+

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 10

When Kaoru’s professor gives him two passes for a night’s stay in a posh hotel, he asks Aoi to go out with him. A lovely romantic night sounds just splendid! But things don’t go exactly as planned, and Kaoru begins to slip into a depression. The only thing might make him happy is to face his past–with a trip down memory lane. – For Teens 16+

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 12

When Natsuki and Chizuru arrive at Chika’s house for a study session, they end up putting aside schoolwork to help out with some chores. After cleaning the large bathroom, they take advantage of the big tub and soak in a refreshing bath.  Studying was never this fun! – For Teens 16+

Ai Yori Aoshi Vol 13

It’s tough being Kaoru! When Tina invites everyone to Kyushu to visit the hot springs, he becomes a bit distressed that men and women are allowed to bathe together. After the wet and wild splash-fest, he returns alone to his room for the night…and Aoi pays him a visit. Later, Tina insists on getting some “alone time” with Kaoru. With all this pushing and pulling and splishing and splashing, will Kaoru finally begin to act like her boyfriend?- For Teens 16+

High School Debut Vol 7

With Yoh’s parents out of town, it’s up to Haruna to take care of Yoh when he becomes sick. No parents around, huh? Hmm… But Haruna wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of this convenient situation…or would she? – For Teens

Cheeky Angel Vol. 18

Miki’s erstwhile fiancé Takao Gakusan kicks his revenge scheme against Megumi and her friends into high gear. Kidnapping the whole lot at once might satisfy anyone else, but for Takao it’s not enough…not nearly enough! His ultimate goal is to turn best friends Megumi and Miki into enemies, and he will stop at nothing to achieve it. And unless Megumi can figure out a way to thwart him, he just might succeed! – For Older Teens

Cheeky Angel Vol. 19

Caught up in Takao Gakusan’s game of revenge, Megumi and her friends have to battle through a gauntlet of enemies in order to rescue Miki from the tower in which she is being held. Ichiro and Yasuda, gauging themselves next to useless in a fight, bail out early–gone but not forgotten–leaving the field to Megumi, Genzo, Hitomoji, and a surprising new ally they’ve gained along the way. However, if these four can’t get the job done, Miki will once again become Takao’s fiancée, giving him what he really craves–leverage over her family’s fortune!- For Older Teens

Cheeky Angel Vol. 20

It’s the final round in Takao Gakusan’s ruthless game of revenge! Gakusan family protector Hosoi tries to take down the remaining players on Megumi’s side–including Meg herself–but even his cold and calculating ways are challenged by the sheer determination of his opponents. It’s still a hard, brutal fight, with no guarantee that anyone will come out of it in one piece! And when the contest is finally decided and the dust clears, Megumi and Genzo face what may be the most startling revelation of their young lives!- For Older Teens

Skip Beat!, Volume 16

Saving Kyoko from Reino’s attack has finally knocked some sense into Sho’s head, and he realizes how much he cares for her. But before he can declare his devotion, Ren shows up to ruin the moment. Both men realize that Kyoko has no idea of their true feelings for her and begin a secret battle for her affections! – For Teens

Shaman King Vol 13-20

Vol 13- Moody old Faust is back! And teamed with… Yoh? When the competitors and their friends finally make it to the Patch Village, things are not what they expected. Strange new alliances are formed – and someone close to Yoh might get left in the lurch – testing everyone’s strenth and possibly changing their loyalties forever. – For Teens

Vol 14- With the Shaman Fights officially underway, Yoh and Co. must take on opponents from all over the world. But is anyone ready to fight Lady Jeanne, a royal pain who gives new meaning to the term “tortured”? – For Teens

Vol 15- Yoh, Faust, and Ryu unveil their new and formidable Over Souls as they square off against the Icemen. Meanwhile, Manta, still in shock over the brutal death of Niles, is anxious for Yoh’s safety against this bone-chilling shaman team who, having battled the coldest forces of nature in northern Europe, are confident that they can overtake Team Funbari with ease. – For Teens

Vol 16- The X-Laws are determined to lure Yoh to their camp, and Hao has his sights set squarely on Ren! In the midst of all this, Lyserg discovers that the X-Laws may not be the steadfast allies he took them for. And Yoh finally reveals a terrible secret from his past… and Hao’s. – For Teens

Vol 17- Hao possesses so much mana that it virtually guarantees his victory in the Shaman Fight. So how in the world can Yoh and his friends beat him?! Mikihisa offers to teach Ren the Ultra-Senji Ryakketsu, but is Ren too stubborn to accept his help? If Hao’s power doesn’t destroy our heroes, perhaps pride will… – For Teens

Vol 19- Au Revoir Mt. Osore, The unthinkable has happened–Yoh has withdrawn from the Shaman Fight! What happens now? To understand Yoh’s future we must revisit his past, back to when he and Anna first met. How did their acquaintance shape Yoh’s fate, and what terrible secret still burns between them? – For Teens

Vol 20- Yoh Asakura is a shaman–one of the gifted few who, thanks to training or natural talent, can channel spirits that most people can’t even see. With the help of his fianc – e, Anna, Yoh is in training for the ultimate shaman sports event: the “Shaman Fight in Tokyo,” the once-every-500-years tournament to see who can shape humanity’s future and become the Shaman King. But unfortunately for Yoh, every shaman in the world is competing for the same prize?- For Teens

Vampire Knight 4 & 5

Volume 4: Zero warns Yuki to stay away from Maria Kurenai, the new Night Class transfer student, although he won’t tell Yuki why. Kaname is also wary, and he sends Ichijo to watch Maria so she doesn’t start trouble. Who is this girl, and why does she have the entire Night Class on edge? – For Older Teens

Volume 5: Zero is suspected of killing Shizuka Hio, the pureblood vampire who murdered his family. Incensed, the vampire senate sends assassins to Cross Academy to execute him. Will the Night Class intervene, or will Kaname let Zero take the fall? – For Older Teens

Hana-Kimi 20-23 The Finale is HERE!!!!

Volume 20: Nakatsu’s mom is in town, and she has plans for her son: she wants him to go home after graduation to take care of the family business! Will Nakatsu give up his dreams of becoming a star soccer player? Meanwhile, another student at Osaka High School prepares to risk everything for his dreams. Nakao confesses his love to upperclassman Minami…but can Minami really have feelings for a boy? – For Older Teens

Volume 21: Love is in the air at Osaka High School–bittersweet and true, as Nakao confesses his feelings for Minami, and Noe receives a Valentine’s Day chocolate from a girl. While the whole gang goes to the bowling alley, Mizuki finds some time alone with Sano. How much longer can she pretend to be a boy? How much longer can she hide who she is…and who she loves? – For Older Teens

Volume 22: When Mizuki is almost caught changing clothes, the school goes wild with rumors about a mysterious girl on campus! Can our heroine keep her secret, or will she be outed and separated from Sano? Meanwhile, the girls of Saint Blossom Girls’ High School are caught up in the boys’ romances… – For Older Teens

Volume 23: Mizuki’s secret is exposed…and her days at Osaka High School are numbered. Can she keep the friends she made as a boy…and does she have a future with Sano after graduation? The flowers of youth are scattered to the winds in the bittersweet final volume of Hana-Kimi! – For Older Teens

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