March 17, 2009- New Manga and Anime

S.A. vol. 9

Being No. 2 Sucks!Kei’s grandfather summons Hikari to London to tell her Kei is overextending himself for her sake. Feeling guilty, Hikari decides to keep her distance from Kei. But her luck takes a strange turn when a prince she meets in London follows her all the way back to Japan! Will Hikari fall for his royal charms while she’s avoiding Kei? – For Teens


This collection offers up three love stories about sweet girls and the hot guys they fall for. Ashihara, creator of the popular Forbidden Dance series, distinguishes each of these formulaic romances with a unique narrative quirk. The dark side of the search for love is revealed in the title story, when high school matchmakers confront first a violent client and then a female stalker who has to learn to cope without the object of her obsession. –For Older Teens

Hands Off vol. 8

The missing pieces of the puzzle brought to light by Tatsuki’s kidnapping slowly fall into place. As usual, Tatsuki is trying to solve all problems by himself–but things aren’t so simple this time. Now Kotarou must at last face his past, present, and future if he’s to discover the secret of his power and the link it holds to Tatsuki. But at what cost? Prepare for the mind-bending conclusion of Hands Off!, and the fate of three friends blessed and cursed with ESP… – For Teens 13+

Skip Beat 17

Dark Moon is getting excellent ratings, and Kyoko is getting tons of offers for more acting jobs! But all the offers are for twisted, damaged characters like Mio. Kyoko doesn’t want to get stuck as a character actor, and she certainly doesn’t want to play freaks for the rest of her career. But if she refuses all these jobs, will she even have a career left?! – For Teens

Fruits Basket 22

Kyo finally makes the decision to stop running from his fears and confront his birth father. But how will he react to his father’s pressure to accept an unwanted truth? Meanwhile, as Akito’s control over the Sohma family slips away, will the last vestiges of her sanity and reason slip away as well? – Teens 13+

Flame of Recca 28

Deep in the labyrinthine fortress city, Team Hokage learns that it isn’t easy to play Kôran Mori’s deadly games. The devious Kirito stays one skip ahead of poor, gullible Fuko. Domon gets his crumpet burned when he takes tea at Marie’s House. Kaoru just keeps running into one creepy guy after another. Even Kagerô’s powers may not be enough to stop the darkest forces of SODOM. And while the rest of the gang squirms in the clutches of ultimate evil, where the heck is Recca? – for Older Teens

Warcraft Legends 2

Some of the world’s best manga creators join together to bring the world of Warcraft to life as never before in this title. Between these covers lie tales of adventure, treachery, humor and bravery. Told from both Alliance and Horde point of view, these stories have entertained the likes of travelers, soldiers and thieves. They have endured the trials of time and have earned the title of legend. – Teens 13+

S.A Special Agent Vol. 6-8

Vol 6: The Kokusen Academy Culture Festival is here, and the SA crew is making sure it runs smoothly. But chaos erupts when Kei’s grandfather tries to haul Kei off to London! Worse, when Hikari tries to intervene, she gets abducted! But the worst part of it all is that amidst all the drama, Hikari is starting to realize her true feelings for Kei…

Vol 7: The Sports Festival rages on, and Hikari has to win if she wants to stay in SA… but she’s not the only one who’s sweating. Will Kei risk his reputation to keep Hikari in the fold? Prepare for ruthless battles, nail-biting tension, and the introduction of SA’s first couple!

Vol 8: When Hikari finally asks Kei out, it seems like a dream come true. But Kei wasn’t counting on a double date with Sakura and Jun! And when Kei and Hikari finally get a moment alone, who shows up but the dreaded Yahiro? Throw Megumi, Takashi and Akira in the mix, and it’s another troubled day in paradise! – for Teens

The Royal Palace Goong 4

Chae-Kyung realizes how she truly feels about Prince Shin on the day of their return to the palace. When he accidentally discovers this and has no reaction, Chae-Kyung becomes a miserable princess. Meanwhile, Yul’s mother plots to make her son the next in line for the throne.- for Teens


There is heaven and hell for those dearly departed remembered by the living, but muZz is the place where unspoken, untold dreams and secrets go when those who made and hid them expired. On the train heading towards muZz, a girl wakes up and finds herself unable to remember anything about herself and surrounded by odd creatures. muZz is the story of her re-self discovery. – Teens 13+

Boys Over Flowers 21

The story of Tsukushi, an average teenage girl with the courage to stand up for her rights. Despite all her trials, she finds herself in a love triangle. Will she ever find her special someone and live happily ever after? – for Teens

Vampire Knight 6

Yuki sneaks into an exclusive vampire party and sees Aido’s parents introducing their daughter to Kaname. They, like many other Night Class parents, desire an alliance with the pureblood. Kaname is the most eligible bachelor in the vampire society–but will he choose Yuki? – for Older Teens

Peace Maker 5

Revenge is consummated in blood and flame as Kyoto’s unofficial police force, the Shinsengumi, foil a plot by the Choushuu rebels to burn Kyoto. Storming the Ikedaya Inn, the swordsmen of the Shinsengumi dispatch with the viper’s nest of criminals, until each and every one is covered with blood – Choushuu blood more often than not. In the eye of this maelstrom is our brave hero Tetsunosuke, who comes face to face with the man who murdered his parents. -Older Teens 16+


Presents the whole gamut of tortured teen life–friends, love, depression, suicide, and cliques–through the eyes of Skim, a.k.a. Kimberly Keiko Cameron, a would-be Wiccan goth at a girls’ academy in Toronto during the 1990s. – Teens

Star Wars Omnibus X-Wing Rogue Squadron vol 1-3

Vol 1: The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Republic in this massive collection of stories featuring Wedge Antilles, hero of the Battle of Endor, and his team of ace pilots known throughout the galaxy as Rogue Squadron!

Vol 2: As the Empire withers away and the New Republic grows, one team of ace starfighters takes on the most critical missions to ensure freedom in a galaxy long oppressed – Rogue Squadron!

Vol 3: The galaxy’s greatest starfighters take flight once more in a mission to reclaim the galactic capital Coruscant from the Empire! Whether this becomes the New Republic’s finest hour or its darkest defeat lies squarely on the shoulders of Wedge Antilles and his team of ace X-Wing pilots-Rogue Squadron! – for Teens

The Familiar of Zero – Anime

In a magical land where two moons shine in the night sky, one young student in the magic school, Louise, has acquired the nickname of “Zero”. Why? Her “zero” talent! With a near perfect failure rate for her spells, the shock that Louise’s summoning spell works equals the surprise of her new familiar, a human boy from Japan! When the boy begins exhibiting some unexpected abilities, why do the teachers get so nervous? – Older Teens

Paul Verhoeven Roughnecks Starship Troopers Chronicles- The complete campaigns- Anime

Follows the adventures of rico carmen & carl a trio of high school buds lured to enlist by the thrill of adventure on distant planets these unsung heroes are unaware that the battle of the bugs is about to re-erupt sending them all to the front lines of the first interstellar war. – for Teens

Panda-Z The Robonimation- Anime

The series consists of short comedy sketches, involving the adventures of Pan-Taron, a super deformed robotic panda, pilot of the Panda-Z mecha, and his equally small cute robotic friends, as they fight the evil Skullpander, leader of the Warunimal forces. The story is confined to the small Robonimal Island (containing Robonimal City and P-Z Labs) and a tiny nearby volcanic island that is home to the Warunimal base. Buildings in Robonimal City are all topped with panda heads. – Teens

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time- Anime

Something strange has happened to Makoto Konno. Time has suddenly stopped and moved her backwards. With her newly discovered ability to literally leap backwards in time Makoto finds that tests become a piece of cake, embarrassing situations are corrected and she can have her favorite food anytime she wants. Unfortunately her carefree time traveling has adverse effects on the people she cares for. With every successful leap Makoto somehow alters the fate of those around her. This was not supposed to happen and as she races back in time to fix everything, she notices that her abilities are not limitless but with every successful jump she is one step closer to discovering the most wonderful secret in her young adult life. – Teens

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence – Anime

The long-awaited sequel continues the adventures of Batou, Major Kusanagi’s former assistant, who was left behind when she disappeared into the cyber-realm of the Net. With his new human partner, Togusa, Batou investigates a series of bloody murders involving gynoids, robots with sexual functions. The case leads them to the headquarters of the Locus Solus company, where Batou uncovers the evil secret behind the creation of the gynoids. – Older Teens

Interstella 5555- Anime

The film is the visual realization of Discovery, an album by Daft Punk. Each track from the album has been animated as an episode in the story of the abduction and rescue of an interstellar pop band. – Teens

Ouran High School Host Club part 2- Anime

Haruhi began the year as an out of place scholarship student, but she’s found new popularity as a member of the Host Club. Playing the part of a sensitive suitor and wooing the ladies of the school has become a full-time job. Of course, now that Tamaki and the other boys can no longer deny the charms of her girly side, life feels more like a storybook daydream. But not all fairy tales have a happy ending. The King will have to choose between reality and fantasy – and his decision might force the Ouran Host Club to close their doors forever!- Teens

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