March 2008-Anime

Yu Yu Hakusho, Ghost files. vol. 21: The Seven

With intense hatred for all humanity in his heart, Sensui searches for the person that has the ability needed to aide him in opening the tunnel between Living World and Demon World. Without the aid of a psychic, the tunnel cannot be completed. Yusuke’s last hope in uncovering the truth behind the tunnel rests with Murota, a human blessed with the ability to read minds. But when Murota is attacked and in need of medical attention, Yusuke finds more at the hospital than he could have ever expected.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 1 – Gathering of Fates

Princess Sakura’s memories have been scattered across time and space and Syaoran volunteers to retrieve them. His devotion to her is so strong that he is willing to give up Sakura’s memory of her love for him in order to complete his quest and make her whole again. Syaoran is joined by two brave warriors who make sacrifices of their own to accompany him and Sakura on their quest.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 2 – Seeds of Revolution

Bravery and heroism unabashed – The steadfast standard of Syaoran, Kuogane, Fai and Sakura. These four must travel through dimensions unknown on their quest to reunite the princess with her memory. As each new world offers up new adverntures, trouble has found them in this one even before they arrive…delivered into a land of suffering under evil rule. With the help of a young orphaned rebel, the noble crew must unite a weary populace to overthrow the cruel feudal lord and his brutal son. The uprising will prove fierce and the magic astounding….but victory must be achieved before the quest can continue.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 3 – Spectres of Legend

In the midst of a quest that may well be endless, Syaoran and his companions seek to help those they encounter along the way. After planting the seed of revolution among an oppressed populace, the heroes travel to a new world – a snow-covered realm, at once both haunting and haunted. A crumbling castle lurks on the village edge, from which the townsfolk suspect a royal specter emerges to roam the streets at night, stealing children. When Sakura disappears into nocturnal silence, the truth proves even more chilling than the legend… Nothing is as it seems as a tale that has spanned the centuries seeks its end.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 4 – Between Death and Danger

Mysteries swirl like a sandstorm around the enigmatic ruins of Sakura’s homeland – A site of unknown power, clearly coveted by forces both dark and light, evil and right. Syaoran and his noble friends, Kurogane and Fai, are observed from on high. Destiny’s finger might not be the only force pushing them through their hunt. From world to world, a hero’s adventure unfolds across the dimensions, their path unmarked yet well defined. Lands of legend and history, contests of magical strength, friendly days and hostile nights… Syaoran must stay constant or all is lost. Feather’s float down from the stars, torn asunder if only to prove the power of love.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 5 – Hunters and Prey

Sakura, Syaoran, and their friends have come to the Country of Outo, where they set up a café, hoping to learn where a feather of memory may be hidden. But Outo is a low-key battleground for demons and human demon-hunters, whose fights recall Inu-Yasha. When he fails to defeat a demon bare-handed, Syaoran asks Kurogane to teach him to use a sword. One of his first lessons involves learning not to rely on his vision but on his already well-developed inner senses (Syaoran is blind in his right eye).

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Vol. 6 – A Wish Upon Waking

The quest to free a girl from the darkness of no memory is not a game, but sometimes the players compete unknowing…

While Sakura’s feathers may hold the magic of peaceful memory, in the wrong hands that power can be warped, opening doors better left alone… Reshaping reality into dreams and dreams into reality. Syaoran and Kurogane race to defend their friends, as one wearing a face out of the past seeks to open the floodgates to immortality. What was once damaged must be destroyed before the final act, as four heroes, once strangers, continue on their quest for peace.

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